Issues with the map window

Modified on Fri, 12 Aug 2022 at 12:52 PM

Here are some things that might not happen as well as expected within the map window.

Troubleshooting the map window


I can only see one data layer on the map

  • Only the top layer is visible on the map.
  • The other data layers are "behind" the top image.
  • SOLUTION: You can adjust which layer is on top, or the transparency of each layer, using the layers tool.  

When I run my workflow the map zooms out, instead of zooming into my area of interest

  • There is probably another area of interest somewhere in the world (from your previous use of Earth Blox) that has the same Area of Interest designation.
  • When the analysis is completed, the map window will set the zoom to include all the areas of interest that have been analysed. 
  • For example, if you have one area in the UK, and one in South Africa, when the process is completed the map will zoom out to show both areas at once.
  • SOLUTION 1: Use the Delete feature on the map icons to remove one of the areas.
  • SOLUTION 2: Press the X icon on the map window. This will clear all areas, including the one you are working on. You then need to redefine the area you want to work on. 

When I click on the map it starts to make measurements

  • SOLUTION: Turn off the Map measurement tool at the top of the map window.

I pressed X by mistake and have now lost map data. Can I recover it? 

  • The data output layers created by Earth Blox can be recreated by running the workflow again. 
  • The map layers will be lost and cannot be recovered. 
  • We always recommend saving areas of interest that you may have created by hand. 


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