Building a workflow

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A workflow is a collection of blocks that executes a set of commands to collect, process and display data.  

The animation below shows how a workflow can be created from two blocks.

Building a Workflow

Once you have dragged the blocks from the toolbox into the workspace you need to connect blocks together to make a workflow. 


Step 1: Drag your blocks into the workspace

  • As described in the Toolbox article, drag at least one INPUT block and one OUTPUT block into the workspace.
  • One of each block is the minimum requirement for a workflow

Step 2: Connect the blocks together

  • Drag the blocks together so the notches meet. 
  • You will hear a "click", and the block will be highlighted, once they connect.

Step 3: Check for errors

  • If a red triangle appears,  you are not yet ready to run the workflow.

  • Click on the red triangle and a text bubble will appear telling you what you are missing. This may be that the dates are incompatible with the data selection, or you still need to add a necessary block to make the workflow run. 
  • Follow the guidance in the text bubble.

Step 4: Run the workflow

  • Click on the RUN WORKFLOW button to run the workflow.

  • You can press the red stop button if you want to halt the process before it has finished running. 


Step 5: View the output on the map

For a quick start, use a pre-built workflow from the Workflows Library at the top of the workspace. 


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