1.0 Exporting image results (as PNG or GeoTIFF)

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Saving an image file is useful for compiling reports and slide decks.  

Exporting as GeoTIFF means you can use your results in other software tools. 

Exporting image results


Saving map results as a PNG

  • Build a workflow in the workspace and click RUN WORKFLOW.
  • The results will appear in the map window.
  • Click the Save (floppy disc) icon on the right hand side of the map window. 

  • The image that is visible in the map window will be saved as a PNG file. 
  • It will be saved in your default download folder. 

Exporting data as GeoTIFF

  • GeoTIFF is a public domain standard which allows georeferencing information to be embedded within a TIFF image file.  All geospatial software can import and export data in GeoTIFF format.  
  • To export your output as a GeoTIFF you need to add a DOWNLOAD block from the Toolbox. 

  • You add this to a workflow in the same position as you would a MAP VISUALISATION block. 
  • For example:

  • When you RUN WORKFLOW the GeoTIFF creation will start in the background.
  • You can choose COG Format which creates a Cloud Optimised GeoTIFF.
  • The Skip blanks option reduces the size of the final GeoTIFF by not saving data that is masked. (Unchecking will save all the data, including areas that are masked). 
  • GeoTIFF creation can take quite a long time, and also uses more cloud resources, so we recommend you add this block only when you have developed a workflow that is producing the output you are looking for. 
  • The status of the background processing will appear in the TASKS tab.


  • When the processing is complete, the description in the TASKS tab will show SUCCEEDED and provide a link to download the file:

  • The file must be downloaded within 24hrs. It will then be deleted.
  • The TASKS description tells you how long you have left before it will be deleted. 
  • Should you have any difficulties with downloading a GeoTIFF please quote the Task ID and Workflow ID when contacting the support team. 


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