2.0 Explanation of the OUTPUT blocks in the Toolbox

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The "OUPUT" part of the toolbox is where you can display the data as an image layer on the map, or export values in tables and graphs.

These are the options available within the OUTPUT part of the toolbox. 

Instructions for using the output blocks

OUTPUT blocks are added to container blocks.  DASHBOARD blocks are for creating tables or charts. IMAGE OUTPUT blocks are for visualising data layers on the map, or saving for re-use.  

The following sections describe how to use each of the available blocks. 



Add Table

  • This block enables you to tabulate numeric output from the data analysis. 
  • For a full description of how to use the table function, see the article on Creating Tables


Add Map Layer

  • This is a dynamic block that will change depending on where you place it. 
  • If you place it in a dataset container block, it will give you the option of displaying either one of the available bands (shown in the drop-down menu) or displaying an RGB colour composite using three of the available bands. 
  • If you choose to view just one band, the setup tool for visualising the data will give you a choice of colour palettes.
  • If you choose to view an RGB composite, the setup tool will give you the option to scale the data, either as a standard scaling range (e.g. from the minimum value to the maximum value), or a custom scale. 
  • You can also give this layer a name so you can identify it on the map.

Save Data for Re-use

  • When you run a workflow it will normally result in a new data layer.
  • You may want to use this output layer as an input layer for a different workflow.
  • Use the Save Data for Re-use block to do this. 
  • When you use this block the output layer name will automatically appear in the drop-down menu for the Re-use This Saved Dataset block (available in the INPUT section of the Toolbox). 
  • Remember to give it a memorable name so that you can find it again. 

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