Block guide: Use this Dataset block

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The fundamental building block for a workflow is defining the data you wish to use.  This is achieved using the Use this Dataset block.  

Use this Dataset block


Step 1: Drag a Use this Dataset block from the Toolbox


Step 2: Mouse-click on Search Datasets

  • When you click on Search Datasets the Select Dataset dialogue box appears. 
  • The default view shows you all of the datasets that are available to you, but you can filter them as follows:
    • The Dataset Catalogue. This lists all the datasets that Earth Blox hosts. 
    • My Datasets.  If you upload GeoTIFF or Areas of Interest, they will be available in this list. 
    • Project Datasets.  When you create a temporary dataset within a workflow, it will be listed here. 
  • Note that datasets may be further separated into:
    • Feature Collections.  These are vector-based datasets that will have shapes with information attributed to the shapes. 
    • Image Collections.  These are pixel-based raster data. 

Step 3: Using the Dataset Catalogue

  • You can search the database using keywords.
  • Once you have chosen a dataset, click on it and the datasheet opens.  It looks something like this:


  • This provides the following information:
    • A short summary is at the top.
    • A long description is in the text box to the right.
    • The grey box on the left gives you information on data frequency, pixel size, time period covered, and area coverage (on the map).
    • The available bands within the dataset are listed on the Bands tab. 
  • At the bottom left, there is a check box for Add recommended blocks

  • This is selected by default. 
  • When selected it will open the dataset within the Use this Dataset block, but will also add the minimum number of additional blocks to allow you to explore this dataset. You then only need to choose an Area of Interest and then press Run Workflow to visualise the data on the map. 
  • If the box is unchecked, then no additional blocks are added and you will have to drag and drop them from the Toolbox
  • If you have already built a workflow and wish to change only the input data to that workflow, you can click on Change Dataset, select the new dataset, but uncheck the Add recommended blocks. This will change the dataset without modifying the existing workflow.  


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