NDVI values are >1

Modified on Fri, 21 Apr 2023 at 10:38 AM

In some datasets (e.g. Landsat) the modelled illumination is too high and the pixel is assigned a ground reflectance which has a negative value (which is physically meaningless).  These values are very rare, and very small, and you won't notice them in an image. But in an index like NDVI it can result in very high values, much higher than 1.  Since NDVI is a normalised index, values should like between -1 and 1, so you might be concerned if you use a max-min scaling on the visualisation of the NDVI data and it scales higher than 1 in the legend.   This is just the source data.

Solution:  use custom scaling on the visualisation and set it to -1 to 1 (or from 0 to 1).  


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