Pinning areas to the map

Modified on Thu, 11 Jan 2024 at 04:32 PM

Pinning map areas allows you to keep the same areas and collections on the map as you go between projects, without needing to add them to the map every time. This is useful if you have areas that you want to run multiple workflows on.

How to pin areas to the map

To pin your areas to the map, click on the extras menu icon next to the Areas title.

Select Pin areas to map.

To see your pinned areas in a different project, return to the Projects page by clicking on the Earth Blox logo in the top left corner, or by going to

Open an existing project, template project, or create a new project.

If you are opening a project that has existing areas, a dialog will appear. Select Keep pinned areas.

Unpinning areas from the map

To unpin your areas from the map, click on the extras menu icon, and select Unpin from map.

When you unpin areas from the map, your areas will remain on the map, but won’t appear when you next open a project.

What happens if I save a project with pinned map areas?

Saving a project with pinned map areas will include the areas, and overwrite any areas that the project had before. To prevent this, make a copy of the project.

Can I pin some areas but not others?

All areas and collections are pinned to the map. It isn't possible to pin some areas but not others.

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