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The Create table block allows you to output data from the workflow into a table. When you run a workflow with a Create table block, the outputted table will show on the Dashboard. Once outputted, tables can be downloaded as a CSV.

To create a table for a feature collection:

Drag and drop the Create table block into your workflow. When the workflow is run, an attribute table is displayed on the Dashboard.

To create a table for an image collection:

  1. Drag and drop the Create table block into your workflow
  2. Click on the cog to define values and grouping for your table 
  3. Add values by clicking the Add value button
  4. Add groupings by clicking the Add group button 

Use the trash icon to remove values or groupings.

Check Include chart to show data in a chart alongside your table in the Dashboard. This option isn’t available for tables that have more than one value and grouping variable.

Define values

The values you define determine what is shown in the table cells. You can add more than one value to the table.

Coverage calculation

Allows you to calculate coverage of features added to the map, feature collections saved for reuse, or classes in a thematic band (for example, landcover classes). 

  • Coverage (hectares): the amount of hectares the area covers
  • Percent of area: the percentage of the Area of Interest that is defined in the Select Area of Interest block

Choose the features that you want to calculate coverage for by adding them as a group.

Statistic from dataset

Shows a statistic based on a numeric band in an image collection.

  1. Select the dataset
  2. Select the band
  3. Select the statistic to calculate
  4. Select the dates to include

To add statistics from multiple datasets, add the Save dataset for re-use block to each workflow, and use the Create table block as a stand-alone block. 

Choosing from the ‘Select date ranges’ section will dynamically update when you change the time period elsewhere in the workflow.

Why can’t I select the ‘Statistic from dataset’ option?

The ‘Statistic from dataset’ option can only be used with image collections that have at least one numeric band.

Group table

Groupings allow you to calculate values for multiple features or regions of a thematic image. You can group by features that you’ve added to the map, feature collections that you’ve saved for reuse, or classes in a thematic band (for example, land cover classes).

If a feature collection has attributes, choose the attribute that you would like to categorise the collection with.


Add a description to your table that will display with your table in the dashboard.

Learn more: Resolutions in table calculations

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