Calculate zonal statistics

Modified on Thu, 11 Jan 2024 at 04:26 PM

Use the Calculate zonal statistics block to calculate a single value for an entire area. For example, you may want to calculate the mean elevation for each feature in a feature collection.

The Calculate zonal statistics block is intended for use with numeric bands. Calculating zonal statistics on thematic bands will produce invalid results.

Calculate the:

  • Median: selects the middle value
  • Mean: creates an average from each value
  • Sum: calculates the total of all the values
  • Min: selects the minimum value
  • Max: selects the maximum value
  • Count: Counts every pixel that has a value (parts of an image that have been masked out won’t have a value)

Use zones from dataset:

  • All Areas of Interest: calculates a single statistic for all features in the Area of Interest
  • Collection: calculates a statistic for each of the features in the Collection
  • 1km grid: calculates a statistic for each 1 km square within the Area of Interest

Make sure that the Area of Interest used in the Select Area of Interest block covers the area you select in the Use zones from dataset dropdown menu.

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