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The Export dataset block allows you to create a new dataset file from your workflow that you can then use in other GIS software. Filters and new bands created from blocks placed above the Export dataset block will be included in the saved dataset.

Exporting an image collection (raster)

Creating a GeoTIFF can take longer than creating map layers or table outputs, and requires more cloud resources. Before a workflow with an Export as GeoTIFF block can be run, you will be prompted to confirm your export.

Depending on your licence type, you may have a limit to the number of GeoTIFF exports you can run.

We recommend testing your workflow before adding the Export GeoTIFF block. If you’re not ready to export your data, use the right click menu to disable and re-enable the Export as GeoTIFF block.

Some GIS software may provide limited visualisation options when a GeoTIFF includes a combination of thematic and numeric bands. Use the Remove bands block to only export specific bands.

Click on the cog icon to define the resolution and date for your GeoTIFF.

Exports will fail if they take longer than one hour to run. To reduce the likelihood of this happening, remove any unnecessary bands, decrease the Area of Interest, or export at a lower resolution. If you can’t get the results you need, contact support@earthblox.io.


Select the resolution (pixel size) for the GeoTIFF. To reduce the likelihood of exports failing, the resolution is automatically reduced for larger Areas of Interest.


GeoTIFF exports only include one image. If the workflow contains multiple images (dates in a time series), the first image in the time series will be exported.

To export multiple dates, add additional Export as GeoTIFF blocks.

Exporting a feature collection (vector)

Adding the Export dataset block to a workflow with a feature collection will give you the option to export a GeoJSON, KML, KMZ, SHP, TFRecord or CSV.

Exports will fail if they take longer than one hour to run. To reduce the likelihood of this happening, remove any unnecessary attributes, and reduce the Area of Interest.

Downloading your exported dataset

To download your dataset, go to the Exports page (app.earthblox.io/exports) and click on the download icon next to your file. Datasets are available to download for 48 hours after they have been exported.

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