Convert features to image

Modified on Thu, 11 Jan 2024 at 04:27 PM

The Convert features to image block allows you to convert features (vector) to an image (raster). 

Make sure you have a Select Area of Interest block above this block to determine the bounds of the image. This block can only be used with feature collections.

You can set the pixels in the image to:

  • Single value: assigns the value of the pixel to 1 if a feature is present, and 0 if there are no features present
  • Values from attribute: assigns the value of the pixel based on a numeric attribute of the feature present. Pixels with no feature present are masked out.
  • Proximity to nearest feature (m): assigns the value of the pixel as the distance in metres from the nearest boundary of the nearest feature

Image options

Click on the cog icon to add date information for your newly created image. This is needed when re-using the dataset in another workflow. You can choose to set the date as a:

  • Point in time: Image represents a specific moment in time
  • Period of time: Image represents a time period

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